Romagna da Bere


The Randi’s Wine are present for several years in the most important regional guide “Romagna da bere” as Etichetta Nera, Etichetta Blu and Passito Rosso, touching “l’Eccellenza” which is the highest agreement for the wines of Emilia Romagna.
In the year 2008 they were achieved national agreement with the guide of the Touring Club, lwhich was awarded with honorable mention, the Bursòn Etichetta Nera 2004 and reported as excellent quality/price ratio Etichetta Blu 2006.
Etichietta Nera 2004 and Passito Nero “Sinna” 2006 was awarded by the Accademia Muffa Nobile of Bologna at the event held in the Castle of Bentivoglio in Bazzano.