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The Randi Agricultural Society, founded at the end of the Second World War, is today made up of several bodies, distributed in the municipalities of Fusignano and Alfonsine.
Currently, Trebbiano, Longanesi grapes, Malbo gentile, Chardonnay, Dora grapes, Famoso and Centesimino grapes are grown in the vineyards that extend for almost 40 hectares.

Since 2000, the Company has been associated with the “Il Bagnacavallo” consortium for the production and enhancement of Longanesi grapes called Burson (name and trademark registered by the Consortium which takes care of its image and certifies its quality and suitability for marketing).

. 2001
The first bottles from the Randi agricultural company are marketed.

. 2004
First vintage of Sinna red passito production

. 2007
A collaboration has been established with the “Brunello” distilleries in Vicenza for the processing of the pomace and obtaining the grappas.

. 2008
The Company has a potential of over 20,000 bottles to be released on the market. In January 2008 she entered the regional wine cellar of Dozza and was admitted to Vinitaly in Verona; subsequently she joined the consortium “Ente tutela vini di Romagna” and was invited to represent the wines of Romagna at the Zurich Chamber of Commerce.

. 2009
First harvest of famous grapes for the production of Rambela Bianca still and passito “StraFamoso”

. 2012
Production of Burson Rosato Brut

. 2013
Production of Rambela Barricata

. 2014
First year of production of Centesimino grapes, Rambela sparkling with the Charmat method in the 2 types Extradry and Brut

. 2016
Marketing for Rambela sparkling wine with the classic method

“We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team …”

Douglas Adams

“Having never worked with a life coach before, I really did not know what to expect. Wow, was I surprised! I found out I could make it whatever I needed. Working with Philip has been great.”

Mark Jefferson

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